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WordPress is a Totally Free, the Very professional And also the many customisable website publishing program. It enables you to easily make a website or site at no cost. Blogging is growing increasingly more popular online nowadays. WordPress is now currently utilized to make Websites and for this reason you desire your blog/website to differ to another sites. When deciding upon the WordPress kind of hosting, then consider the advantage and disadvantage which includes each.

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You can either utilize hosted or self-hosted WordPress. Self-hosted WordPress blogging system requires one to manually host and install the WordPress applications whereas the Desktop WordPress – based blogging system is handled by WordPress programmer professionals. There are benefits and disadvantages for the hosted and WordPress.

It’s really easy to set up and you’re Prepared to get on the internet in minutes. It’s also automatically upgraded when the brand new release comes out. It is not as flexible compared to WordPress you download and set up yourself. Hosted WordPress can also be constrained in choosing your own domain name.


  • Free –

    you do not need to cover hosting and domain name registration. All you will need is an email address.

  • Automated Updates –

    Every time that the brand new version becomes available, your site will be automatically upgraded.

  • Simple To Use And Set-Up –

    All you Want to do is to create a Twitter account, choose your subdomain, motif and You’re ready to move


  • No Earnings –

    using hosted WordPress that you can’t monetize your site. Each of the ads are controlled and You’re not Permitted to display ads

  • Domain Limit –

    your domain names will be similar to

  • Limited Storage Area –

    if you run out of space You’ll Need

  • Limited Layout –

    you Can Pick from over 75 topics

When you Want a professional blog/website You do not wish to be restricted with your own design, domain , you merely receive a subdomain, such as

Self-Hosted WordPress

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With self-hosted WordPress You’ll Need to Download, set up and host the most free WordPress program yourself. You may use Your domain name, that is likely to make your blog/website much more professional. You Will also have to have hosting and you will need to perform updates when new WordPress is accessible. It Is Easy to customiseit, create all of the modifications you Want to create in accordance with your niche.How to make money with free WordPress blog?

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